The intention to start CMSC was to create a space that embodies our lifestyle and to share it with our community. With daily visits from friends and strangers, we quickly realized people enjoyed hanging out and being part of the process. We shape surfboards and produce apparel on site. The evolution into CMSC was natural with no real goal set in mind. With the opportunity to expand into our new space, we've been able to create more room to display the products we create on a daily basis. We will sell boards, club merch, and fins and accessories. The club house provides an atmosphere for all to hang out and be part of something we hold special. The community. Whether you want to stop by to shoot pool, watch a surf movie, buy gear or just catch up, we encourage all to cruise by the club house. 



PHOTOGRAPHERS: Matthew Ord, Ryan Donahue, Jeffery Jones, Clarke Tolton, Jack Coleman, Brelan Sugahara, Mowgly Lee, Ian Roberts, Ryan Bellerose, Aubrey Lao, Brian Miller, Zac Milan, Mike Rogers, Rick Chatilon, Michael Townsend, Alex Swanson.
SURFERS: Too many to list your all sponoed!
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